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Barracuda Phone System

How can I configure my Grandstream GXW4104 or GXW4108 ATA device for use with my Barracuda Phone System?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 6 months ago

Solution #00006163


This solution applies to all Grandstream GXW4104 and GXW4108 Devices used as Gateway devices for Barracuda Phone Systems.


The Grandstream 410X series of ATA devices will support calling to/from the Barracuda Phone System, but require manual configuration. This will require initial configuration on the Grandstream device followed by the addition of the SIP Provider accounts on the Barracuda Phone System. This document assumes that the device is already connected to the network using the WAN port on the device, and a static IP Address assigned to this interface that is on the same private subnet as the Barracuda Phone System. Any settings not listed in the document should be left at the default setting.

From the GXW410X UI:

Step 1 - Configure the Active Profile

Click the link labeled  Profile 1 along the top of the page and enter the following information into the listed fields:

Profile Name: BPS

SIP Server: Enter the IP address of the Barracuda Phone System

SIP Registration: Select No

Please Click Update to save these settings.

Step 2 - Configure the Channels on the Device

Click the link labeled Channels along the top of the page and enter the following information into the listed fields. This will need to be repeated for each channel in use, with one channel per FXO port connected, and each channel number corresponding to the FXO number use:

SIP UserID: Please enter the 10 digit phone number of the line connected to this port in the format 7345551212 (no special characters or spaces).

Profile: Select Profile 1

Please Click Update to save these settings.

Step 3 - Configure the FXO Line Forwarding to the Barracuda Phone System

Click the link labeled FXO Lines along the top of the page and enter the following information into the listed fields:
Stage Method: Enter ch1-4:1; for the GXW4104 or ch1-8:1; for the GXW4108

Unconditional Forward to VoIP, User ID: ch1:xxxx;ch2:yyyy;ch3:zzzz  NOTE - (xxxx should be the 10 digit number of port1, yyyy should be the 10 digit number for port2. and this line should list every port to be used.)

Please Click Update to save these settings.

Note - After saving your settings, you will need to reboot the GXW410X for the changes to take effect.

From the Barracuda Phone System UI:

Add Gateway for GXW410X Channels

  1. On the BPS, Select Telephone Service Providers and then click the Set up a New Account button. Select Generic SIP (Within Local NAT) and enter the following information:
    • Name: Select a name you will recognize for the device. Barracuda recommends GXW410X ChannelX as the format used.
    • Host: <IP Address of the GXW410X>
    • Port: 5060
    • Username: 10 digit number associated with the port in the format xxxyyyzzzz
    • Authorization Username: 10 digit number associated with the port in the format xxxyyyzzzz
    • Caller ID: The ten digit phone number from Port 1
    • Direction: Select whether the GXW410X will accept inbound, outbound or both direction for calls.
    • Un-check the Requires Registration check-box.
    • Click Create Gateway.
  2. Now that the Gateway exists, click on it to expand the options.
  3. Click the option labeled  Add External NumbersEnter the 10 digit number for this channel in the field using the format xxxyyyyzzzz
  4. Click ADD to complete the configuration of the gateway

Repeat these instructions for each channel in use on the GXW410x

Set inbound destinations for calls:

  1. Navigate to the Extension which will receive the inbound calls and click the selection box under Add Number.
  2. Select External Number, select the external number (or the range of numbers) in the second selection box which will appear, and then click Add Extension.

Configure Outbound Dialing Rules:

The Barracuda Phone System considers each Channel on the GXW410X to be a separate provider In order to allow for inbound or outbound only lines. Because of this, outbound routes must be set up for each individual port. For more information on configuring Outbound Routes please refer to Solution# 00004848 How do I configure my Barracuda Phone System to make outbound calls?

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