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Barracuda Phone System

Does the Barracuda Phone System support Early Media Cut-Through, often used for provider-based outbound authentication?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago

Solution #00006171

All "B" model Barracuda Phone System Using PRI interfaces.


Although not common, some PRI circuits enable authentication features on outbound calls using media played before the call is actually connected. This is most commonly accomplished using early media cut-through, using on of three messages for media start; on-progress, on-alert, or on-proceed. The most common method is on progress, but it is very important that the media point is matched by the provider and the PBX.

The Barracuda Phone System can be configured to provide a media channel for the cut-trough messaging. If you need this feature enabled, please contact your provider to determine if it is media cut-through and at which point it is enabled, and then contact support for assistance in enabling this feature.

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