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Barracuda Phone System

How do I configure Caller ID as private for outbound calls on my Barracuda Phone System?

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Solution #00006179

All Barracuda Phone Systems running firmware versions 2.5 and later.


Configuring private calling is relatively easy for supported providers. We will need to modify the outbound route to specify that the call is a private call for each of the individual route desired. Please note that the provider MUST support the private caller option in order for this setting to be accepted, and that it will not work for Analog lines.

Important Note - There are several laws regarding call delivery and proper identification. Please confirm whether local or national regulations allow for private caller delivery in your given scenarios.

Modifying Outbound Routes to Include the Privacy Flag:

We will navigate to each route assigned and add a privacy flag to it.
  1. Navigate to Providers > Call Routing, and select the route which you would like to change.
  2. Click the option Manage Types. And then select the desired route on the left side of the edit window. Alternatively, you can click the link Manage Call Types to open the window directly to the specific route.
  3. Select the field labeled Match Condition, and add the text ;privacy=yes to the end of the string.
    • Example 1 - The route 11 digit dialing would change from ^\d{11}$ to ^\d{11}$:privacy=yes
    • Example 2 - The route North America (NANPA) would change from ^1?([2-9]\d{2}[2-9]\d{6})$:::1$1 to ^1?([2-9]\d{2}[2-9]\d{6})$:::1$1;privacy=yes
  4. Select Apply Changes to save.

Important Note - Caller privacy cannot be applied to emergency calls.

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