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Barracuda Phone System

How can Support setup a Yealink phone to auto answer internal calls but not external calls

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 7 months ago


How can Support setup a Yealink phone to auto answer internal calls but not external calls


All Barracuda Phone Systems, 3.0 and later, with Yealink Phones


Phone System Setup

To do this you will need two extensions for the user, lets say 4050 and 4505.

4050 ? will be the primary extension, and on the Yealink phone, Account 1

4505 ? will be a secondary extension to the 4050 user and on the Yealink phone, Account 2

- Make sure that the primary(4050) has ext 4505 setup as a secondary extension.

- Then make sure to set line two on that users phone to a line secondary extension

- Next, impersonate the user and setup a find me for the primary extension.

- Add a rule for 4 or 3 digit caller numbers (\d{3}, \d{4}) depending on the customers extension style,

- For this rule create a new action, then modify that action.

- The final action for this new action should be set to ?Transfer to an Extension or number? and the destination should be set to the secondary extension ?4505?.

Yeahlink T48G, T22P Setup

To enable this on the yealink phone, We will need to access the phone via it's web UI

- Once on the web page, navigate to the Accounts tab

- Select basic from the left hand menu

- Set the ?Auto Answer? for Account 1 and 2 to the following

- Account 1 - Disabled

- Account 2 ? Enabled

- Make sure to Confirm each change

Final Setup

- Make sure all the changes have been saved and give it a test.

Verified Combinations:

Phone System FW Yealink Model + Firmware T48G ? T22P ?