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Barracuda Phone System

How do I configure my Valcom Brand Paging Device to work with my Barracuda Phone System?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago

Solution #00006391


This solution applies to the Valcom line of devices when connecting to Barracuda Phone Systems.


The Valcom line of devices are not currently provisioned by the Barracuda Phone System. They can, however, be configured to register to the BPS as a generic SIP device. This can be accomplished in a few steps.

Important note - Previous firmware versions of Valcom Firmware have had serious problems when attempting to configure registration. Please be certain to upgrade to the newest firmware available.

From the Barracuda Phone System:
  1. Navigate to Extensions > People, and create a user account for the device. Barracuda recommends using a recognizable username (paging system1..) and disabling voice-mail.
  2. Scroll down to the section of the properties page labeled Phones and click Add a Phone.
  3. Select Generic SIP Device and click the button labeled Add Phone.
  4. Click on the new Phone on the properties and select Reg Info on Line One.
  5. Record the values listed for Registration Server (Domain), Authentication Username, and Password.

From the SIP Device/Client:

  1. Connect to the Valcom unit using the VIP-102b Configuration tool. Please confirm that you are connected to the correct Valcom unit.
  2. Navigate to the SIP tab
  3. Click on the option SIP Config found on the left sidebar.
  4. Enter the IP Address of the of the BPS (Domain value) in the box labeled SIP Server, and check the box labeled "Register."
  5. Change the Box Labeled Sip Server Port to 5065.
  6. Enter the extension number in the box labeled Phone Number.
  7. Enter the Authorization ID in the box Labeled Authenticate Name.
  8. Enter the Password in the box Labeled Secret.
  9. Enter the RTP Port to use in the field RTP port. Please select an even port between 16386-32760.
  10. Click Update Changed Devices, in the upper left corner.
The device will reboot and register to the Barracuda Phone System.

Other Device Options:
Due to the number and variety of installation types that the Valcom units can be used in, Barracuda Networks support is unable to assist with configuration and connection to third party devices. Valcom provides  documentation to assist with configuration and offers support at Valcom's Support page.

Link to this page: