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Barracuda Reporting Server

Barracuda Reporting Server - Overview

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Important Notice

Barracuda Reporting Server is currently available only in version 2.0. Earlier versions have been decommissioned. If you have a pre-2.0 version, follow the instructions for Updating Barracuda Reporting Server Firmware.

Required Product Versions

Be sure to read the Release Notes for version compatibility.

The Barracuda Reporting Server rapidly generates reports while maintaining or improving accuracy of reporting data. It also provides an aggregate view of data for customers with multiple connected devices. The Barracuda Reporting Server dashboard provides a monitoring system for a quick overview of filtering statistics aggregated across all the connected devices. The current version supports Barracuda Web Security Gateways and Barracuda CloudGen Firewalls.

The Barracuda Reporting Server is purpose-built for reporting, so there is considerable improvement in performance and data accuracy compared with the built-in reporting found in other product lines. Connecting the Barracuda Reporting Server with other Barracuda Networks devices can offload reporting and data processing intensive functions, resulting in better performance of the connected Barracuda Networks devices.