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Barracuda Reporting Server

Release Notes

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Barracuda Reporting Server is currently available only in version 2.0. Earlier versions have been decommissioned. If you have a pre-2.0 version, follow the instructions in Updating Barracuda Reporting Server Firmware to update to version 2.0.

Barracuda Reporting Server Firmware Version

Changes in this release:

This maintenance release contains critical security patches, including:

  • Addressing remote code execution vulnerability related to log4j. [BNRP-1834]
  • Fixed vulnerability in Apache HTTP Server. [(BNRP-1804]

Barracuda Reporting Server Firmware Version

Changes in this release:
  • Clickhouse upgrade for improved performance [BNRP-1476]
  • Superset removal [BNRP-1478]
  • Scheduled report filter fixes [BNRP-1475, 1477]
  • Advanced filter fixes [BNRP-1385, 1479]
  • Increased log retention capability [BNRP-1465]
  • ES index deletion fix post data migration [BNRP-1441]
  • Security analysis fixes [BNRP-1469, 1470, 1471, 1472]
  • Static code analysis fixes [BNRP-430, 1363, 1364, 1365, 1368, 1433]

Upgrading from:

  • Firmware Version No further action required.
  • Firmware Version 1.0.3.x : Read and follow instructions included in the Firmware Upgrade Notes included with Firmware Version, described below .

Barracuda Reporting Server Firmware Version

Changes in this release:
  • Improved Data Storage backend – Clickhouse [BNRP-1043]
  • Single retention value across all connected devices. The length for retaining log information is now the same for all connected devices. [BNRP-1163]

Version Compatibility Matrix

Reporting Server

Web Security Gateway

CloudGen Firewall

Web Application Firewall

2.0.0.x14.1 and above; version 14.0 with patch7.2.2 and above--

14.1 and later

For other versions, contact Barracuda Networks Support

7.2.2 and above 9.2.1 and above


12.x and 14.x




11.x and 12.x



Barracuda Reporting Server version 2.0 is not compatible with Barracuda Web Application Firewall. Continue using Barracuda Reporting Server version 1.0.3.

Firmware Upgrade Notes:

This firmware upgrade includes migrating reporting data. Barracuda Networks recommends performing this upgrade during a weekend, when less traffic is flowing to the system.

Important Information for Virtual Machine (Vx) Users

To upgrade from Vx version 1.0.3 to version 2.0, there are two options:

  • Starting FreshIf you will not need data gathered while using version 1.0.3, run all of the reports you need for your version 1.0.3 data. Shut down your version 1.0.3 instance. Install version 2.0 using your existing serial number. You are ready to generate reports with data gathered starting when you installed version 2.0.
  • Saving Existing Data – If you will need data gathered while using version 1.0.3, contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support immediately, before taking any upgrade or shut down actions. A Barracuda Networks representative will assist you in moving your data to your new version 2.0 instance.

Barracuda Reporting Server Firmware Version

Changes in this release:
  • Multi-product reporting release
    Supported firmware versions for connected devices:
    • Barracuda CloudGen Firewall – 7.2.2 and above
    • Barracuda Web Application Firewall – 9.2.1 and above
    • Barracuda Web Security Gateway – Contact Barracuda Networks Support for assistance
  • Virtual machine support [BNRP-953]
  • Consumption data collection/ pipeline [BNRP-945]
  • New Curator code base [BNRP-932]
  • API consolidation [BNRP-979]
  • Security upgrade to use BitLeap certificate and private keys [BNRP-567]
  • K8s and iptables compatibility issue [BNRP-749]
  • Support Tunnel 2.0 inclusion [BNRP-1017]

Barracuda Reporting Server Firmware Version

Changes in this release:

  • Support for Web Security Gateway firmware version 12.0. [BNRP-514]
  • Appliance delete feature. [BNRP-547, BNRP-550]
  • Support for multiple authentication systems that require database migration (NTLM, GDS, Kerberos). [BNRP-538]
  • ES indices migration for Elastic Search version 6.0 future upgrade. [BNRP-520, BNRP-521]
  • Support for Kafka snappy compression. [BNRP-530]
  • API-based SMTP capabilities. [BNRP-552]



Configuration backups made before this upgrade will be invalid after you upgrade.
Create and store a new backup after you have successfully performed the upgrade.



  • Plan to perform this firmware upgrade during non-peak hours, preferably on weekends. Note that the time required to migrate elastic search (ES) indices is related to the amount of data stored.
  • When performing this firmware upgrade with Barracuda Web Security Gateway firmware version 12.0 and higher: Supported authentication systems become fully functional 24 hours after you perform the upgrade.
  • This firmware upgrade requires BRSv3def version 1.0.024 or higher.


Barracuda Reporting Server Firmware version

The Barracuda Reporting Server provides:

  • an aggregate view of data for multiple connected devices
  • drill-down capability for a subset of connected devices to see aggregate statistics
  • dashboard monitoring for a quick overview of filtering statistics aggregated across all connected devices

The current version supports connecting Barracuda Web Security Gateway devices running firmware version 11.0 or higher.

Possible Issue
  • Refresh the dashboard if you have passed the session expiration time.


Barracuda Reporting Server Definition

The Barracuda Reporting Server Definition includes additional quick fixes, outside of firmware, that may include some security fixes.

If there are additional reports that need to be added, the definitions will be distributed to your systems through the Barracuda Reporting Server Definition.


This release has a definition for:

  • Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) Reports for Barracuda Reporting Server, if you have ATD activated on your connected Barracuda Web Security Gateway device(s).