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Barracuda Reporting Server

Step 3 - Activate the Barracuda Reporting Server

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Before you activate the Barracuda Reporting Server, complete Step 2 - Configure the Barracuda Reporting Server.

Product Activation

  1. At the top of every page, you may see the following warning:
  2. Click on the link to open up the Product Activation page in a new browser window.

  3. On the Product Activation page, fill in the required fields and click Activate. A confirmation page opens to display the terms of your subscription.

  4. Return to the Barracuda Reporting Server web interface and navigate to the BASIC > Dashboard page. In the Subscription Status section, verify that the word Current appears next to Energize Updates, Instant Replacement Service (if purchased) and Premium Support (if purchased).

There might be a slight delay of a few minutes for the display to reflect your updated subscription status. If the status is still showing as not activated, click Refresh in the Subscription Status section.


If your subscription status does not change to Current within an hour, and you have ensured that all required network ports are open, or if you have trouble filling out the Product Activation page, please call your Barracuda Networks sales representative.

Update the Barracuda Reporting Server Firmware

Prior to upgrading the firmware on your Barracuda Reporting Server, it is always recommended that you read the release notes.

To update the firmware on your Barracuda Reporting Server:

  1. From the web interface, select ADVANCED > Firmware Updates.
  2. Read the Release Notes to learn about the latest features and fixes provided in the new firmware version.
  3. Click Download Now next to Latest General Release. Download Now is disabled if the Barracuda Reporting Server is already up-to-date with the latest firmware version.
    The Barracuda Reporting Server begins downloading the latest firmware version. You can view the download status by clicking Refresh. A message displays once the download is complete. Do not power-cycle the unit during the download.
    Updating the firmware may take several minutes. Do not turn off the unit during this process.
  4. Click Apply Now when the download completes. The Barracuda Reporting Server will apply the firmware and automatically reboot. Do not power-cycle the unit during this process. A Status page displays the progress of the reboot. After the reboot is complete, the login page appears.

Update Definitions

To apply the newest definitions provided by Energize Updates:

  1. Select ADVANCED > Energize Updates.
  2. Select On for Automatically Update. The recommended setting is On for all available definitions.
  3. Click Update to download and install the latest available definitions onto the Barracuda Reporting Server.

Continue with Step 4 - Connect Devices.

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