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Barracuda Reporting Server

Step 2 - Allocate Cores, RAM, and Hard Disk Space for Your Barracuda Reporting Server Vx

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Barracuda recommends the following settings for the initial deployment of your virtual appliance or when upgrading existing installations.


When deploying with a virtual machine, configure your system to be close to these numbers to ensure peak performance.

SSD Data Size Min suggested RAM Min suggested CPU Cores Min suggested
VM Model
750 GB 32 GB 6 24 K Small
1.5 TB 64 GB 8 28 K Medium
3 TB 128 GB 16 32 K Large
12 TB 512 GB 32 96 K X-Large


Notes for all models:

  • If your Barracuda Reporting Server Vx is experiencing performance issues, and you have not allocated the recommended amount of memory, add more available memory before contacting Barracuda Support.
  • Barracuda does not support use of network connected storage for the Barracuda Reporting Server Vx. You must use storage that is directly attached to the host system.

Allocating Cores

To add cores to your appliance:

  1. Shut down the Barracuda Reporting Server Vx in your hypervisor.
  2. In the virtual machine CPU settings, add cores.

Allocating Hard Disk Space

From your hypervisor, you can specify the size of the hard disk, as needed. Barracuda recommends hard disk space according to the table above.

To specify the allocated hard disk space or add a hard disk to your appliance:

  1. Shut down the Barracuda Reporting Server Vx in your hypervisor.
  2. Take a snapshot of the virtual machine.
  3. In the virtual machine settings, specify the new size for the hard disk.
  4. Restart the virtual machine. As the appliance is booting up, view the console for Barracuda Reporting Server Vx. When the blue Barracuda console screen appears and asks if you want to use the additional hard disk space, enter Yes .

If you do not respond to the prompt in 30 seconds, the answer defaults to No . Resizing can take several minutes, depending on the amount of hard disk space specified.


Continue with Step 3 - Activate your Barracuda Reporting Server Vx.

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