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Barracuda Reporting Server

Understanding Data Retention and Storage Capacity

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Managing retention policies

As an administrator, you can manage retention policies on a per-appliance basis. By default, the retention policy is 6 months on each appliance. Data older than 6 months is automatically deleted. The Barracuda Reporting Server enables you to control how much data you are saving to the Barracuda Reporting Server and reporting log. Thus, if you have a large amount of data being sent from a single Barracuda device, or if you have several Barracuda devices connected to your Barracuda Reporting Server, you will not run out of space. If you need additional storage, make frequent backups of your configuration and data and connect to Barracuda Backup.

To change the retention policy:

  1. Navigate to the BASIC > Administration page.
  2. Scroll down to the Connected Devices section.
  3. For the device you want to change, select a different Log Retention Period. Repeat this step for additional appliances, if needed.
  4. Click Save Changes.


  • When storage capacity is reached, oldest logs are deleted first. Your data will be preserved as much as possible, but some data will be lost.
  • Reducing the log retention period deletes all logs older than the new retention period specified (e.g., changing from 6 months to 1 month deletes all logs older than 1 month). Consider backing up logs before reducing the retention period.
  • Increasing the Log Retention Period adds new logs to the collection, up to the period specified.

Storage Capacity

To view storage used for the logs from each connected Barracuda device:

  1. Navigate to BASIC > Dashboard.
  2. Locate the Connected Devices area.
  3. For each connected device, you will see the storage space used for its stored logs.
    Combined used and available storage on the Barracuda Reporting Server is shown in the donut chart on the dashboard.  

If your storage is getting tight, consider reducing the log retention period for one or more connected devices.


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