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How to Generate Text Tags on a Document

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Text Tags are not supported by the SignNow appliance.

If you are using text tags with Conga Composer, use one bracket instead of two. For example, instead of {{t:s;r:y;o:"Client";}}, use {t:s;r:y;o:"Client";}

Single square brackets are also supported, for example: [t:s;r:y;o:"Client";]

SignNow Simple Text Tags (Anchor Tags) are specially formatted text that can be placed anywhere within the content of your document specifying the location, size, type of fields such as  signature, text, initial fields. Upload a file that contains SignNow Simple Text Tags. This endpoint accepts .pdf, .doc, or .docx  files. There are two tag-types, one for simple text tags, and one for more complex text tags.

Simple Text Tags

Example 1. Example Request.

curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer <your access token>"  "https://api-eval.SignNow.com/document/fieldextract" -F file=@/<file location path>/FILE_NAME.pdf

Table 1. Order for Adding Tags.

KEY What does it mean? Accepted format & values When fields need this KEY?
t TYPE of the field

s (for signature)

i (for initials)

t (for text)

d (for dropdown)

c (for checkboxes) 

For every field

y (for required)

n (for optional)

For every field
o ROLE "<role name>" For every field
l LABEL "<label of this field>" Only for Text and Drop down fields
dd DROPDOWN "option1, option2, option2, ...." Only for Drop down fields

The full set looks like:


Table 2. Examples.


To create a  field of TYPE signature, with required


To create a Field of TYPE Text, with optional
REQUIREMENT, with ROLE 'CFO', and with
LABEL "notes"


To create a Field of TYPE Initial, with optional

4 To create a Field of Type Drop down, with required
REQUIREMENT, with ROLE 'Employee', with LABEL
'Date', and with DROPDOWNS '2012,2013,2014'

To create a Field of TYPE Text, with a Date label
which will auto-fill with current date


Adjusting the size of the SignNow fields is as simple as adjusting the text tag font size; a larger font results in a larger field and vice versa.

Create invite text tags in a document:



Upload the text tags from the document to SignNow:



Complex Text Tags

For complex text tags, the form data accepts the "Tags" Key which must have a tag_name and SignNow Field creation information as described in the call PUT /document/<id>. For more information, refer to REST Endpoints API.

Example 2. Example Request.

curl -X POST -H 'Authorization: Bearer <your access token>' -H 'Content-Type: multipart/form-data' -F 'file=@/Users/SignNow/Desktop/SignNowtags/dualsignform1.pdf' --form 'Tags=[{"tag_name":"yourcompanyname","role":"signer1","label":"Client Signature Date","required":true,"type":"text","height":15,"width":100},{"tag_name":"mysignature","role":"CTO","label":"CTO Signature","required":true,"type":"signature","height":15,"width":100},{"tag_name":"yoursignature","role":"signer1","label":"you can sign here","required":true,"type":"signature","height":15,"width":100},{"tag_name":"myname","role":"CTO","label":"Myname","required":true,"type":"text","height":15,"width":100},{"tag_name":"yourname","role":"signer1","label":"My name","required":true,"type":"text","height":15,"width":100},{"tag_name":"mytitle","role":"CTO","label":"Myname","required":true,"type":"text","height":15,"width":100},{"tag_name":"yourtitle","role":"signer1","label":"My name","required":true,"type":"text","height":15,"width":100},{"tag_name":"mydate","role":"CTO","label":"date","required":true,"type":"text","height":15,"width":100},{"tag_name":"yourdate","role":"signer1","label":"Todaydate","required":true,"type":"text","height":15,"width":100}]' ' https://api-eval.SignNow.com/document/fieldextract '

Example 3. Example Request.

curl -X POST -H 'Authorization: Bearer <your access token>' -H 'Content-Type: multipart/form-data’ -F 'file=@/Users/SignNow/Desktop/SignNowtags/complex.pdf' --form 'Tags=[{"tag_name":"ClientSignatureDate","role":"CLIENT","label":"Client Signature Date","required":true,"type":"text","height":15,"width":100,"validator_id":"13435fa6c2a17f83177fcbb5c4a9376ce85befeb"},{"tag_name":"DateofBirth","role":"COAPP","label":"Date_of_Birth","required":true,"type":"text","height":15,"width":100,"validator_id":"13435fa6c2a17f83177fcbb5c4a9376ce85befeb"},{"tag_name":"DropDown","role":"COAPP","label":"Options","required":true,"type":"enumeration","height":15,"width":100,"custom_defined_option":false,"enumeration_options":["All"]},{"tag_name":"Text","role":"COAPP","label":"CaLifornia","required":true,"type":"text","height":15,"width":100},{"tag_name":"Initials","role":"CLIENT","required":true,"type":"initials","height":15,"width":40},{"tag_name":"Signature","role":"CLIENT","required":true,"type":"signature","height":15,"width":200},{tag_name:"Attachment",role:"Role2","label":"Attach Here","required":true,"type":"attachment",width:100,height:20}]' ' https://api-eval.SignNow.com/document/fieldextract '

Table 3. Add Field Tags.

SignNow Document Field Tags are specially formatted text that can be placed anywhere within the content of your document specifying the size, type of fields, and file attachments such as signature, text, initial fields.

All field types The form data accepts the "Tags" Key which must have a tag_name and SignNow Field
creation information as described in the call PUT /document/<id> (see the REST Endpoints API).

Table 4. Examples.

The Complex Tag format must appear in the format {{<Tag_Name>}} such as {{my signature}} or {{ClientSignatureDate}}. For more information, see Data Validators.

Text Tag




Date Validator Tag


"label":"Date of Birth",
" type":"text",


Initials Tag




Signature Tag




Drop-Down Tag




Attachment Tag




Checkbox Tag



Invite Text Tags

You can add invite tags in a document to specify the role and email address to send out to for signing.

The emails are sent out in the order specified for signatures:


To specify a signing order:


Template Tag

If you have an existing template with roles and email addresses defined, you can direct SignNow to use this routing information by adding a Template Tag to your document.

Example 4. Example Request.




The template tag only needs to be specified once; any one of the three formats above can be used. Open the template in SignNow and examine the URL to determine the Template ID.

Example 5. Example Request.


In this example the Template ID is 1af8ba18ab7ab1944bb39fdf692f9351dcbab144




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