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Barracuda SSL VPN

This Product is End-of-Life and End-Of-Support

End-Of-Life and End-Of-Support on December 1st, 2020: All Barracuda SSL VPN sales will cease; neither new sales nor any renewals will be available. If you currently hold a maintenance and support contract, you will continue to receive our award-winning support and services until your contract expires. Please see the End-Of-Life definition as described in the End of Support and End of Life Information.

Update Firmware

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Read the entire article before upgrading your Barracuda SSL VPN.

The Barracuda SSL VPN firmware is available as:

  • General Release (GA) – The latest generally available firmware from Barracuda Central.
  • Early Release (EA) – The newest version of firmware available for early access from Barracuda Central.

General Release

GA firmware is the final and fully tested firmware version. Barracuda Networks highly recommends that you download the GA release as soon as it is available to take advantage of important new features and fixes.

Early Release

EA firmware is available for early adopters who wish to test the latest firmware from Barracuda Networks, or who have a specific need for early access, such as a new feature or bug fix that would be beneficial to your environment.

 The firmware "apply" process takes several minutes to complete, and will cause the Barracuda SSL VPN to automatically reboot. Do not manually power-cycle the Barracuda SSL VPN at any time during the upgrade process, as doing so can potentially cause firmware corruption.

Update your Barracuda SSL VPN firmware

The appliance will reboot when the firmware update is applied. Make sure you do not unplug or manually reset your Barracuda SSL VPN during the update process unless instructed to do so by Barracuda Networks Technical support.

  1. Log into the Appliance web interface.
  2. Open the ADVANCED > Firmware Update page.
  3. If a new firmware version is available, click Download Now next to the version (GA or EA) you want to upgrade to.
  4. Click Apply Update after the update has been downloaded to the appliance.

The Barracuda SSL VPN will reboot and perform the update. This may take up to 20 minutes.

Firmware revert

To change the firmware used by the Barracuda SSL VPN to one of the following versions, click the Revert button associated with the desired version.

  • Previous Installed VersionThe previous version of firmware used by this Barracuda SSL VPN.
  • Factory Installed VersionThe version of the firmware installed at the factory onto this Barracuda SSL VPN.

If the Previous Installed Version is version 1.3 or earlier, then both Revert buttons will be disabled.

For instructions on how to recover a Barracuda SSL VPN hardware appliance, see Hardware Recovery.

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