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Barracuda SSL VPN

How can I change the appearance of my Barracuda SSL VPN?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago

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This solution applies to all Barracuda SSL VPNs, firmware



The appearance of the Barracuda SSL VPN can be changed to some extent in order to meet the cosmetic needs of its environment. The options for making these changes can be found in the SSL VPN interface under Basic > Appearance. The following functions are available in all models of the Barracuda SSL VPN as of firmware

The options are split into two sections of the Appearance page: Logon Page and Web Interface.

Logon Page:
  • Site Name ? Sets a name for the installation that appears on the logon page, leaving this blank will not produce a site name. The site name is displayed just below the title.
  • Welcome Text ? Sets a custom title for the logon page. Leaving this blank will cause the default title to be used.
  • Welcome Logo ? Allows a custom logo to be uploaded to the SSL VPN and displayed on the logon page. By default no logo is displayed.
  • Message Type ? Sets the icon that is used next to the message on the logon page. If set to No Message, this will prevent any message from being shown regardless of the contents of the Message field.
  • Message Align ? Sets the alignment of the text in the message field. This is either justified to the left or centered.
  • Message ? If you would like a message to be displayed on the logon page, enter it here. The message will be displayed below the username and password fields.
  • Display User Database Selection ? If more than one User Database is present then a User Database selection dropdown can be displayed. Enabling this option will cause it to be displayed by default. Disabling will cause a ?More?? option to be displayed, which must be selected to show the dropdown.
  • Hide Protected By Before Authenticated - This option allows the "Protected by Barracuda" image in the lower right section of the page to be hidden on the login page. This will provide some level of protection by removing the ability to see which manifacturer the SSL VPN is from. The image cannot be hidden on other pages once logged into the SSL VPN.
  • Save Prompted for Attributes - If a resource is launched which uses an attribute that the user has not provided an option is available to save the entered values as the attribute used. By default this is enabled so if the values should not be saved the user must manually change this so that the values is only used once. Using this setting the default behaviour can be changed to not save causing the user to change the option when the value is provided if it should be saved.

Web Interface
The Web Interface settings will set the appearance of all pages in the SSL VPN.
  • Select Image ? Allows a custom image to be uploaded to your Barracuda SSL VPN and displayed in the upper left corner of each page. By default, the image is the Barracuda logo.
  • Image URL ? Set the URL that the user is taken to if they click the image in the upper left corner. If left unchanged then the image will continue link to the Barracuda Networks website.
  • Display Background Image ? Allows hiding of the Barracuda watermark displayed on each page.


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