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Barracuda SSL VPN

How can I upload an SSL certificate from Comodo/InstantSSL to my Barracuda SSL VPN?

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Solution #00004274

All Barracuda SSL VPNs, all firmware versions.


  1. From the appliance web interface, navigate to Basic > SSL Certificate and fill in the required fields for generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) under the Certificate Generation header.

  2. Once the CSR is generated, submit this to Comodo. Make sure you select Apache-ModSSL on the Comodo web site as the web server type.

  3. Comodo will send back a zip file containing three certificates that have a .crt file extension; these will be your trusted certificate, an intermediate CA root and a CA root. You will also need to download the private key from the same place you downloaded the CSR.

    The three certificates from Comodo will look like these examples:

    your_host_name.crt ? your trusted certificate
    AddTrustExternalCARoot.crt ? the CA root certificate
    UTNAddTrustServerCA.crt ? the intermediate CA root certificate

  4. Create a new .crt file and paste the contents of both AddTrustExternalCARoot.crt and UTNAddTrustServerCA.crt using a text editor and save the file.

  5. Upload your certificates to the SSL VPN:

    • In Trusted Certificate > Upload Signed Certificate, browse to the your_host_name.crt certificate.
    • In Upload Certificate Chain Bundle, browse to the newly created combined CARoot certificate.
    • Enter sslvpn for the Certificate Password.
    • In Upload Private Key, browse to the private key that was downloaded.
    • Click Upload Certificate and Key, after which you can change the certificate type in the SSL Certificate Configuration section to Trusted (Signed by a trusted CA).

  6. Once this has been done, click the Synchronize button at the bottom of the page to synchronize this certificate with the SSL VPN interface on port 443.
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