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Barracuda SSL VPN

How do I configure PIN authentication for my SSL VPN?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago

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This solution applies to all Barracuda SSL VPNs.



PIN Authentication requires users to authenticate themselves with a private identification number.

The configuration options for PIN authentication can be found in Management Console > Access Control > Security Settings > PIN PIN authentication is another commonly used authentication module often used alongside Passwords or Personal Questions. The configuration parameters are detailed below:

  • PIN size: The default is value is 4. This will set the number of digits required for a valid PIN, if a user attempts to set a PIN with any other number of digits it will not be accepted. Pin size can be 1-1024.
  • Days before expiry warning: The default value is 21 days, after which the warning will be displayed to the user informing them to change their PIN, if set to 0 the users will never receive the expiry warning.
  • Days before expiry: The default is 28 days, after which the user will be forced to change the PIN. If set to 0 the users will never be forced to change their PIN.
  • Allow Sequential Numbers - The default setting for this option should be Yes. When in this mode sequential numbers are valid for a users PIN e.g. 1234. When set to No sequential numbers are not permitted as PINs.
  • Allow user to set initial PIN: Disabled by default, enabling this option will allow users to set their own PIN the first time they encounter the PIN authentication providing that PIN is set as a secondary module. If this option remains disabled the administrator will need to set a PIN for each user.

When combined with an Active Directory user database, PIN Authentication can prevent the locking of user accounts by dictionary attacks.


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