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Barracuda SSL VPN

How can I configure clustering on the Barracuda SSL VPN without the use of a Barracuda Load Balancer?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago

Solution #00004453



Applies to all Barracuda SSL VPNs, firmware 1.5 and higher.



The Barracuda SSL VPN has a feature called Simple High-Availability that can be used to cluster a group of SSL VPNs with one system being the HA Master. This cluster exists without a Load Balancer regulating connections.

Simple High-Availability can be configured by the following method:
  1. Configure the Shared Secret. As with a standard clustering environment the Shared Secret needs to be configured and set the same for all units in the cluster. Go to ADVANCED > Linked Management and set the Shared Secret and Save the changes.
  2. Set the Clustered Systems. Add the IP address of the SSL VPN that this unit will be clustering with. The current system?s configuration will be replaced with a copy of the configuration from the specified unit.
    • Ensure that the correct unit is in use, and that the target system is configured correctly to avoid any accidental configuration removals.
  3. Enter the Virtual IP address that will be used for accessing the SSL VPN into the Simple High-Availability section.
  4. On the system which should be the HA Master, select the High-Availability Master option. If the system that should be the HA Master already is one, then no further action is required.
In this configuration, all connections to the Virtual IP will be redirected to the HA Master unit. Should the HA Master unit be shutdown or become unresponsive then the cluster will start sending connections to the other unit and will make that the HA Master.

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