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Barracuda SSL VPN

How do I create an RDP RemoteApp on the Barracuda SSL VPN?

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This solution applies to all Barracuda SSL VPNs.



RDP RemoteApp is a new feature of Microsoft Windows Server 2008. It allows organizations to deploy server hosted desktop applications without requiring the user load an entire remote desktop. With RDP RemoteApp only the application window is remotely displayed, integrating seamlessly into the user's current desktop as any other local application would appear.

The Barracuda SSL VPN is capable of connecting users to RDP RemoteApp services. However, before adding an RDP RemoteApp configuration to the SSL VPN, be sure the Terminal Server configuration is complete and the application is accessible from the Microsoft TS Client running on a desktop computer on the same network as the Terminal Server. Also, obtain an RDP configuration file for the RemoteApp application. The filename should end with .rdp file extension. You will need to view this file with a text editor later to extract RemoteApp specific configuration information.

When configuring a new resource on the SSL VPN to access an RDP RemoteApp, be sure to select RDP - Microsoft RDP Client from the list of applications.

Start by creating the RDP application as normal by specifying a local name, the name or IP address of the RDP server, and selecting the appropriate policies.

Once you have created the new resource click the Edit link associated with the resource under the Actions column within the list of existing Applications. A new window will appear revealing the detailed configuration options for the Microsoft RDP Client. Scroll down to the section labeled Remote Applications.

Under Remote Applications, check the box next to Remote Applications Mode to enable the RemoteApp feature.

For the text field labeled Remote Application Name supply the value from the RDP configuration file for the line containing the name "remoteapplicationname". The value you need comes after the last colon; in this case Navision.




For the text field labeled Remote Application Program, supply the value from the RDP configuration file for the line containing the name "remoteapplicationprogram". The value we need comes after the last pipe character; in this case Navision PDP Systems USA.



remoteapplicationprogram:s: Navision PDP Systems USA

Once done, save the configuration.

Additional Notes:  

Do not rely on the Name and Path information as displayed in the list of RemoteApp Programs of the Terminal Server Manager when configuring the SSL VPN for RemoteApp access. The Name and Path parameters do not correspond to the Name and Program settings required by the SSL VPN. Only the .rdp configuration file is sure to contain the above option lines which hold the values required.


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