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Barracuda SSL VPN

How do I use the standalone Network Connector client in Linux on my Barracuda SSL VPN?

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Solution #00004553

This solution applies to Barracuda SSL VPNs, firmware version 1.6 and above.

The Barracuda Network Connector can be both launched from the Barracuda SSL VPN interface or it can be used in a standalone mode without first having to log on to the SSL VPN web page.

For Linux clients, there is no separate client software as support is already built in to most modern Linux distros in the NetworkManager-openvpn application.


First install the OpenVPN NetworkManager plugin if not already installed.

On Ubuntu using sudo:

$ sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn

On Redhat, logged on as root:

# yum install NetworkManager-openvpn

Other Linux distros may vary.

Configuring the standalone client:

1. Log on to the SSL VPN UI and navigate to Resources > Network Connector.

2. Switch the view to list mode rather than icon mode if not viewing as a list already.

3. Next to the client configuration that has been set up (assuming the initial config of Network Connector has been completed), click More, Download Client Configuration file.

4. Extract the downloaded zip to somewhere permanent (e.g. $HOME/Documents/OpenVPN).

Now you can configure your connection.

5. Locate the Network Manager applet on your panel in Linux.

6. Left click it, and select VPN Connections ? Configure VPN.

7. Click on Add and select OpenVPN as the connection type.

8. Fill in the details about your server such as hostname, username, password etc.

Gateway ? This is the hostname or address of your Barracuda SSL VPN
Type ? Always select ?Password with Certificates?
User name ? Enter the username you use on the Barracuda SSL VPN
Password ? Enter the password associated with this user
User Certificate ? Select and browse for the client.cert downloaded earlier.
CA Certificate ? Select and browse for the ca.crt downloaded earlier.
Private Key ? Select and browse for the client.key downloaded earlier.

9. Click on Advanced, check the following options:

Use custom gateway port ? If your server is accessed on a different port.
Use custom renegotiation interval ? Should be selected and set to 0 to prevent reconnection attempts.
Use a TCP connection.
Use a TAP device.

10. If you wish ALL traffic to be routed through the VPN you can skip this step, otherwise click on the Ipv4 Settings tab, then Routes. Make sure Use this connection only for resources on its network is selected. Click on Ok.

11. Click on Apply, and the connection will be saved.

Connecting the standalone client:

1. Locate the Network Manager applet on your panel.

2. Left click it, and select VPN Connections ? ?Your VPN Name?.

3. An animated icon will appear while the connection is made.

4. Once connected, the icon will change again and show a padlock.

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