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Barracuda SSL VPN

Why do I need to enable Agent Checking to be able to perform certain types of NAC Checking?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago

Solution #00004856



Applies to all Barracuda SSL VPNs.



Network Access Control checking is split into two areas: Server Side Checking and Agent Checking.


Server Side Checking consists of the NAC modules that can be checked by the Barracuda SSL VPN through the web browser. These are Login Time, IP Address, Browser, and Flash Version. If NAC is enabled then these checks will always be made


Agent Checking consists of the NAC modules that need to communicate with the client system directly in order to perform their checking. These are Operating System, Windows Hotfixes, Security, MAC Address, and Wi-Fi Connection. If NAC is enabled but Agent Checking is not then only the Server Side Checking will be performed. Agent Checking needs to be enabled in order for these checks to be made.


The reason that the Agent Checking group needs to contact the client system is because the details required cannot be passed through the web browser. The SSL VPN Agent is launched to provide a secure connection to the client so that the queries can be made to gather the settings required to determine if the system meets the NAC requirements. Without this connection the queries cannot be made so this group of checks cannot be made.


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