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Barracuda SSL VPN

How can I use custom Active Directory attributes on my Barracuda SSL VPN?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago

Solution #00004870

This solution applies to Barracuda SSL VPNs, firmware versions 1.7 and higher.

The Barracuda SSL VPN supports mapping of any Active Directory attribute to an SSL VPN attribute. If you had a custom AD attribute you needed to pass to SSL VPN, it is possible to do so.
To create this mapping, perform the following steps:

  1. Create an SSL VPN attribute that will be used to match up with the AD data. Navigate to Advanced > Attributes and create a new User Attribute.
  2. Now set up or edit your existing Active Directory user database by navigating to Access Control> User Databases and edit your AD database.
  3. When editing the Active Directory database, in the Options section, you will notice a list box for User Attribute Mapping.
  4. Click the ${} button and select the userAttribute created in step 1. This will be shown in the format ${userAttributes:name} in the text box.
  5. After this text, enter an equals sign and then enter the name of the Active Directory attribute you wish to map this to.

    For example, if you wanted to map an SSL VPN attribute called MyEmailAddress to the AD attribute called mail, you would have ${userAttributes}=mail.
  6. Click Add to add to the list on the right hand side.
  7. Save the Active Directory database.

Now, wherever you need to use the AD attribute anywhere in SSL VPN, you can click on the ${} sign next to any text field and select the SSL VPN attribute that you have mapped to.

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