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Barracuda SSL VPN

Where did the configuration options move to on my Barracuda SSL VPN after upgrading to firmware version 2.0?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 10 months ago

Solution #00004913



This solution applies to Barracuda SSL VPNs, firmware versions 2.0 and higher.


In Barracuda SSL VPN firmware version 2.0, the configuration options in SSL VPN have been reorganized to try and make them more relevant to the tasks related to the high-level tab you are working in. For example, any configuration options relating to access control items, such as RADIUS, PIN etc are now in a Configuration tab under Access Control. As a result of these changes, you will now see a separate Configuration tab underneath each of the high level tabs, rather than the old method of just under Basic and Advanced.


Below is a list containing the old location for configuration options and the new location where they have been moved to:

Old location

New location


Access Control>Configuration>NAC

Advanced>Expert>Policy Options

Access Control>Configuration>Policy Options


Access Control>Configuration>RADIUS

Advanced>Configuration>Session Options

Access Control>Configuration>Session Options


Access Control>Configuration>SMS

Advanced>Configuration>Web Server

Access Control>Configuration>Web Server

Advanced>Configuration>Client Certificates

Access Control>Security Settings>Client Certificates

Advanced>Configuration>Confidential Attributes

Access Control>Security Settings>Confidential Attributes

Advanced>Configuration>Key Authentication

Access Control>Security Settings>Key Authentication

Advanced>Configuration>One-time Password

Access Control>Security Settings>One-time Password

Advanced>Configuration>Password Options

Access Control>Security Settings>Password Options


Access Control>Security Settings>PIN

Advanced>Expert>Font and Encoding

Advanced>Configuration>Font and Encoding


Advanced>Syslog>Syslog Options

Advanced>Appearance>Logon Page

Basic>Appearance>Logon Page

Advanced>Appearance>Web Interface

Basic>Appearance>Web Interface





Advanced>Configuration>Web Interface

Basic>Configuration>Web Interface

Basic>Configuration>Virus Scanning

Basic>Virus Checking>Virus Scanning Options

Advanced>Configuration>Mail Checking

Resources>Configuration>Mail Checking

Advanced>Configuration>Network Connector

Resources>Configuration>Network Connector





Advanced>Configuration>Web Forward Logging

Resources>Configuration>Web Forward Logging

Advanced>Configuration>Web Forwarding

Resources>Configuration>Web Forwarding

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