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Barracuda SSL VPN

What are mapped drives and how are they accessed by the Barracuda SSL VPN?

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This solution applies to all Barracuda SSL VPN.


Drive Mapping is an extension of the Network Places feature which allows users of Windows 2000 or later to access Network Places through Windows Explorer as Mapped Drives on the client system. These Mapped Drives are used like other network drives and are safely removed after the session ends. The Barracuda SSL VPN Agent transparently encrypts all files copied to and from mapped drives.
A Network Place is configured as a Mapped Drive during creation of the Network Place. The Drive option can be set to any drive letter to enable Drive Mapping for that resource. By default, all new Network Places are set to None, which disables Drive Mapping for that resource.

Mapped Drives require the SSL VPN Agent to be active for drives to be mapped. Whenever the SSL VPN Agent is launched it will attempt to connect any configured Mapped Drives automatically. If the connection completes successfully then the the Mapped Drives will become available in the system's My Computer listing and can be accessed from there.
If a Mapped Drive attempts to use a drive which is already used, or cannot be opened, a pop-up will prompt the user to select a new drive letter to use for that session.

Additional Notes:

Windows 7
Windows 7 uses a different method to launch Mapped Drives than other Windows Operating Systems. In Server 200 through to Vista, Mapped Drives are handled by the SSL VPN Agent only. In Windows 7, several changes were made that change the way Windows 7 handles Mapped Drives. Windows 7 Drive Mapping uses a software driver called Dokan that must be installed on the client system in order for the system to be able to map drives from the SSL VPN. If the Agent launches, attempts to map drives, finds the client is Windows 7 and discovers that no Dokan installation is present, this driver will automatically prompt for installation . The prompt will not occur under any other circumstances.
The Dokan functionality was added to the SSL VPN in Firmware 2.1. As a result, earlier firmwares are not able to support the Windows 7 Drive Mapping functionality.

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