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Barracuda SSL VPN

How can I manage multiple user databases on my Barracuda SSL VPN?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago

Solution #00005623


All Barracuda SSL VPN units.


Each SSL VPN unit starts with 3 User Databases, but on certain models of SSL VPN it is possible to create additional User Databases alongside these. Managing multiple databases with only the ssladmin account could be difficult, in order to make it easier to manage the SSL VPN as a whole administrators can be created for each database that can handle tasks such as creating and maintaining resource and managing the accounts and groups.
With one or more administrator accounts in each User Database the ssladmin account can be saved for major system changes only. To create administrative users in each database an account must either be created for the user (either through the Built-in DB or in the Active Directory/LDAP) or an existing user account is selected to be an administrator. This account should be assigned to the Administrators Policy (or a Policy created for administrator accounts), this policy should then have Access Rights assigned to it that will allow the user to perform the administrative functions desired (at least two Access Rights will be needed, one Resource and one System). Once an account has been given administrator level Access Rights the user will be able to move between user console and administrative console.
Each created administrator is able to access and perform administrator functions on that database only. Any changes that must be made system wide or more then a single databaase can be performed by the ssladmin as this will remain the only user able to move between user databases.

Additional Notes:
As of Firmware 2.2 the Global User database has been changed to a global view of all other User Databases. As a result the unit now starts with only 2 User Databases and the Global View.

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