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Barracuda SSL VPN

How do I enable split tunnelling VPN behavior on Windows using the Barracuda SSL VPN?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00005893

All Barracuda SSL VPN units, firmware version 2.1 and above.

By default, a Windows client will direct all its traffic down the VPN tunnel, even that destined for external networks. You can set PPTP and IPSec to act in this same way to only send data down the connection if it's connecting to a target in the LAN.  

To do this, edit your PPTP client configuration. Navigate to the Networking Tab. Go into the properties on Internet Protocol IPv4 then click the Advanced button. Un-tick the option for 'User default gateway on remote network', and then click OK 3 times to get back out. 

Now reconnect and you should be able to get access to all internet sites whilst connected to PPTP.

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