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Barracuda SSL VPN

How do I configure bulksms with OTP?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago

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In the SSLVPN: 
Basic>Configuration>SMTP put in your smtp details for your local smtp server. Ensure you have a valid Sender address set. 

In the bulksms: 
On their webpage, go to My Account the Email to SMS settings under Advanced Features. Click to add an email address to send from, enter the above valid sender address and also enter a password of your choice. Go back to email settings, you can optionally add a reply email although this isn't needed for OTP. 

In the SSL VPN go to Access Control>Security Settings>One-Time Password. Edit the Message Subject, it can contain anything but it must contain at least the password created above. Save Changes. Go to Access Control>Configuration>SMS. Set the Gateway address to: ${userAttributes:mobileNumber}<> Depending on the format of your mobile numbers that are imported say from AD, you may have to add the country code in front of that. i.e for us in the UK I had to do: 44${userAttributes:mobileNumber}<> (I also had to edit my mobile number on my account in AD to remove the leading 0). Now set up the authentication scheme by going to Access Control>Authentication Schemes and create a new Scheme containing One-Time Password plus one other item such as password first.

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