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Barracuda WAF Control Center

Barracuda Web Application Firewall - Foundation

  • Certificate Number: WAF01
  • Role: Engineer
  • Validity: 24 months


The exam for this certificate covers all topics for the Barracuda Web Application Firewall - Foundation course.

  • WAF01001 - Introducing the Barracuda Web Application Firewall
  • WAF01002 - On-premises Deployment
  • WAF01003 - Basic Configuration Tasks
  • WAF01004 - Logging, Monitoring, Reporting
  • WAF01005 - WAF Services
  • WAF01006 - Networking
  • WAF01007 - High Availability
  • WAF01008 - Security Policies
  • WAF01017 - Bot Mitigation
  • WAF01010 - Introduction to Advanced Security Features
  • WAF01012 - Introduction to security Tuning Tools
  • WAF01013 - Tuning the WAF Configuration
  • WAF01014 - Application Delivery
  • WAF01015 - Access Control

To view all required self-paced learning modules, please go to Barracuda Web Application Firewall Training


Barracuda Campus offers the below courses to prepare for the required examination.

  • WAF01 Barracuda Web Application Firewall - Foundation

    • Engineer
    • Available as: 


For this certification, you have to complete the following courses and exams.

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