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Barracuda Web Application Firewall

Barracuda Web Application Firewall - Foundation

  • Course Number: WAF01
  • Role: Engineer
  • 3


This course provides an extensive technical introduction to the Barracuda Web Application Firewall version 11.0.
The course is designed for participants who prefer instructor-led courses. It includes all the content of the on-demand videos from the Web Application Firewall Foundation Track series, as well as hands-on lab exercises.

  • WAF01001 - Introducing the Barracuda Web Application Firewall
    • Overview
    • Deployment Environments
    • Architecture
    • Additional Services
  • WAF01002 - On-premises Deployment
    • Hardware Sizing
    • Virtual Sizing
    • Licensing
    • Reverse Proxy Mode
    • Bridging Mode
  • WAF01003 - Basic Configuration Tasks
    • Web Interface
    • Administration
    • Updating the WAF
    • Login and IP Configuration
    • Secure Administration
  • WAF01004 - Logging, Monitoring, Reporting
    • Status Monitoring
    • Notifications
    • Logging
    • Reports
  • WAF01005 - WAF Services
    • Service Overview
    • Service Types
    • WebSocket Security
    • Perfect Forwarding Secrecy
    • Content Routing
    • Extended Match Rules
    • Rule Evaluation Order
  • WAF01006 - Networking
    • Network Groups
    • VSites
    • VLAN Interfaces
    • Routing
    • ACL Network Configuration
  • WAF01007 - High Availability
    • High Availability Requirements
    • Active - Active
    • Active - Passive
    • Cluster Failover
  • WAF01008 - Security Policies
    • Security Models
    • Web Application Firewall Modes
    • Security Policies
  • WAF01016 - Bot Mitigation Policies 
    • Introduction
    • Bot mitigation Policy Overview and Webscraping
    • Virus and Datatheft Prevention 
    • Brute Force Prevention
    • Credential Stuffing & Spraying
  • WAF01010 - Introduction to Advanced Security Features
    • Introduction
    • Allow Deny Rules
    • Website Profiles
    • DDOS Protection
  • WAF01012 - Introduction to security Tuning Tools
    • Tuning Security Rules
    • Mitigating Web Vulnerabilities
  • WAF01013 - Tuning the WAF Configuration
    • Web Firewall Logs
    • Exception Profiling
    • Exception Heuristics
  • WAF01014 - Application Delivery
    • Load Balancing Scheduling Policies
    • Persistence
    • Connection Pooling
    • Caching and Compression
    • Web Translation
  • WAF01015 - Access Control
    • Access Control Overview
    • Dual Authentication
    • Multi Domain Authentication
    • Web Token Validation

Instructor-led classroom or distance learning


2 days


Administrators of Barracuda Web Application Firewalls, technical personnel, or partners who will be supporting field deployments.

  • Knowledge of network layer protocols and technologies.
  • Knowledge of the most common application layer protocols and application services.
  • Knowledge of web application technologies and OWASP Top 10 attacks.
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as HTML, Java, or SQL is a plus.
Additional Information

This class contains hands-on labs accessible via the Internet. To access the labs, make sure that your client PC is equipped with an RDP client (i.e., Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection) and is allowed to establish outgoing connections on TCP port 33800 – 33801.


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Training Classes for WAF01

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  • (GMT+1)

    Fast Lane Institute for Knowledge Transfer GmbH - München (DE)

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    • Classroom
    • 2 days
    • Deutsch

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Exams for WAF01

  • WAF01-05 Web Application Firewall - Foundation

    • Engineer
    • Exam

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