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Barracuda Web Application Firewall


  • Course Number: WAF01005
  • Role: Engineer
  • Duration: 42 minutes


This self-paced learning module focuses on creating WAF services and how to enable the different security features they offer.Profound knowledge of HTTP, HTML, PFS and WebSocket is requirement for this module.This module covers the following topics for Barracuda Web Application version 12.2:

  • Service Overview
  • Service Types
  • Venefiy Integration
  • WebSocket Security
  • Perfect Forwarding Secrecy
  • Content Routing
  • Extended Match Rules
  • Rule Evaluation Order
  • Time Based Rules

Barracuda Campus recommends the training video as your primary learning resource. Please also refer to our other documents for a broader understanding of the product and its capabilities 

Self-Paced Training

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Exams for WAF01005

  • WAF01005-01 Self Assessment: Services

    • Engineer
    • Exam