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Barracuda Web Security Service

How to Use eDirectory with the Barracuda Web Security Service Connector

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These steps will help you to configure the Barracuda Web Security Service Connector to use Novell eDirectory for LDAP authentication with the Barracuda Web Security Service.

  1. Browse to http://login.barracuda.com/ and log in with your Barracuda Cloud Control Account.
  2. Select Web Security.
  3. Browse to the CONFIGURATION > Gateways tab.
  4. Select the desired Gateway.
  5. Set Enable Local Enforcement Mode to Local Enforcement Mode and click Save Changes.
  6. From the top of this page, click Authentication.
  7. Make sure the radio button has LDAP selected, and then click on Add LDAP Authentication Mechanism.
  8. Enter in your LDAP information, and make sure you selected Novell eDirectory for Server Type. (Note: You will need to add x servers where “x” is the number of replicas you have).
  9. Click on Sync.
  10. Call Barracuda Networks Technical Support for assistance in applying a patch.
  11. Repeat steps 1-7 for any additional Web Security Service Connectors for which you want to configure eDirectory.
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