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Barracuda Web Security Service

Administrators and Role Based Administration

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This documentation applies to the Barracuda Web Security Service sold prior to April 1, 2017. As of this date, the service is still maintained, while new customers can purchase the new Barracuda Web Security Service cloud based solution powered by Zscaler, the leading cloud web security solution for enterprises. Click here for documentation on the new Barracuda Web Security Service.

Each Barracuda Web Security Service account has a primary Administrator who initially establishes the account and has unlimited access to users (including administrators), groups, rules and reports. Using Role-based Administration, this administrator can create additional administrators and associate them with roles which have privileges appropriate to the role. In addition, some Administrator roles allow you to restrict administrative privileges only to specified groups of users. (To restrict privileges to specific groups and users, users and groups must be configured. Refer to Authentication with the Barracuda Web Security Service.)

Role Types

An administrator must be assigned one of the following roles:

  • Administrator – able to view, add, edit and delete other users (including Administrators), groups, group members, rules, and reports. Cannot be restricted by groups.
  • Audit – able to view all users, groups, group members, rules, and reports. Cannot add, edit, or delete anything. Cannot be restricted by groups.
  • Manage – able to create rules, and view or schedule reports. Can be restricted to specific groups. Cannot create new groups, but can add rules or reports specific to restricted groups only.
  • Monitor – able to view and schedule reports. Can be restricted to specific groups. Privileges only apply to specified groups.
  • Support – able to create rules. Can be restricted to specific groups. Privileges apply only to specified groups.

All of the roles can view the Dashboard. The Manage, Monitor, and Support roles can only view dashboard items pertinent to the groups they can access. All roles can view all rules, but can only add, edit, disable, or delete rules which apply only to groups to which they are restricted.

An administrator is added with full access to all users, but administrator access can be limited using the steps described in Editing and Limiting Access of an Administrator below.

To add an administrator, How to Log into your Barracuda Cloud Control Account .

  1. Navigate to Account/Support.
  2. Select Set up and manage users.
  3. Select Add User.
  4. Provide the following information for your new user:
    Starting Page
  5. Select Web Security Service under Product Entitlements.
  6. Save.
    The new Administrator appears in the left All Users pane of the Account > Users tab.

Editing and Limiting Access of an Administrator

Click on the Barracuda Web Security Service icon to continue configuration of the newly added administrator. You can edit an administrator to change the Display Name, select a Role, or restrict access of an administrator to specified groups. To edit an Administrator:

The CONFIGURATION > Administrators page displays all current administrative users for your account.

  1. Select the Administrator to edit. The Edit Administrator page appears.
  2. You may enter a Display name or select a Role for the Administrator.
  3. Administrator and Audit Roles do not allow limiting access to groups. If your administrator role is Manage, Monitor or Support, you can limit access by selecting Limit Access To Groups and selecting Add New Groups. You can add groups one at a time that you wish to allow this administrator to view, add, edit or delete. The administrator will not be allowed access to members of any other groups.
  4. Save Changes.

Your changes appear for the Administrator you edited. The groups the administrator can access are listed on the Edit Administrator page.

Do not remove the primary Administrator account or the administrator account you are currently logged in to.

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