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Barracuda Web Security Service

Monitoring Barracuda Web Security Service Activity

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This documentation applies to the Barracuda Web Security Service sold prior to April 1, 2017. As of this date, the service is still maintained, while new customers can purchase the new Barracuda Web Security Service cloud based solution powered by Zscaler, the leading cloud web security solution for enterprises. Click here for documentation on the new Barracuda Web Security Service.

Using the Dashboard

The Dashboard is the landing page when you log into the Barracuda Web Security Service Manager. It graphically displays up-to-date information about blocked connections, viruses, malware, and applications. By clicking on or flying over some graphics, you can see additional details.

The Dashboard displays data cached over the past hour. It has three tabs, each with a specific data focus.

Activity tab: Overall look at traffic and top access types.
  • Total Traffic
  • Activity by Supercategory
  • Top Users
  • Top Applications
  • Top File Types
  • Top Sites
Security tab: Blocked traffic.
  • Blocking Activity
  • Blocks By Category
  • Top Users By Blocks
  • Top Application Blocks
  • Top Malware Blocks
  • Top Virus Blocks
Global tab: Cross customer traffic profile.
  • Global Traffic
  • Global Blocking Activity
  • Global Activity By Supercategory
  • Global Blocks By Category
  • Global Top Application
  • Global File Types


The Forensics page (on the Reports tab) displays information about every action taken by the URL filtering, Anti-Virus, and Anti-Malware engines. You can use this information to analyze the behavior of specific users, user groups, or the filtering engines themselves.

By default, all transactions are displayed. You can:

  • Sort columns by clicking on their headings.
  • Choose how many entries to show.
  • Click the date link to show detailed request and response data for the record.
  • If applicable, click the username link to display the groups to which the user belongs.

    If the Forensics page displays no information initially, adjust and apply new filter settings to display data. Initially, only the last 15 minutes of web activity are displayed.

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