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Barracuda Web Security Service

Barracuda Web Security Service

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This article applies to the Barracuda Web Security Service sold prior to April 1, 2017. As of this date, the service is still maintained.

Barracuda and Zscaler have decided to terminate their partnership agreement on the web security solution that was powered by Zscaler in 2017 and 2018. The last day of sale for that service is July 31, 2018. See the Overview for details and support for that solution.

As a cloud-based service, Barracuda Web Security Service provides a convenient option to deploy Barracuda's powerful web security technology for organizations looking to leverage the scalability and flexibility of the cloud. Ideal for safeguarding users on and off the network, the solution unites award-winning spyware, malware, and virus protection with a powerful policy and reporting engine.

Where to Start

Barracuda Web Security Service

Start with understanding your Deployment Options. For more details and illustrations of deployment options, see Barracuda Web Security Service Architectures - Summary.

Next, see Getting Started.

Key Features

Spyware and Virus Protection
  • Uses a continually updated database to identify and block access to sites known to host spyware and viruses. It also detects installed spyware trying to access the Internet. Upon discovery, it blocks the spyware activity and notifies the administrator. The Barracuda Malware Removal Tool performs a comprehensive scan of computers for any traces of spyware or other malware.
Barracuda Central
  • Supported by Barracuda Central, a 24/7 advanced security operations center that works continuously to monitor and block the latest Internet threats.
Application Control and Content Filtering
  • Barracuda Web Security Service analyzes protocols independent of their port or destination servers. By integrating Layer 7 protocol analysis with policy controls, the Barracuda Web Filter enables complete control over application usage.
  • Administrators can create policies that control user access to 99.7%of commonly visited websites using 95 content categories including pornography, violence, hacking, sports, news, dating, shopping, chat, and more. Content filtering policies can be customized to restrict specific websites or look for patterns in web addresses.
Comprehensive Reporting
  • In addition to its powerful web filtering and malware protection capabilities, Barracuda Web Security Service allows administrators to generate reports on user and network activity as well as the latest security threats.
Filtering Traffic for Offsite and Mobile Users
  • The Barracuda Web Security Agent (WSA) is a tamper-proof client that can be installed on remote, off-network laptops or desktops to help implement a consistent web security policy across localized and distributed workforces. The Barracuda WSA supports both Windows and Macintosh OS devices with the Barracuda Web Security Service as follows:
    • Barracuda WSA for Macintosh UP TO version 2x. Version 5.x and above does not support the service.
    • Barracuda WSA for Windows UP TO version 4.x. Version 5.x and above does not support the service.

See Remote Filtering for Offsite and Mobile Users.

Barracuda Web Security Service Connector Appliance

You may choose to deploy a Barracuda Web Security Service Connector hardware appliance with your Barracuda Web Security Service, as described in Deployment Options and Using the Barracuda Web Security Service Connector. After following instructions for setting up your Barracuda Web Security Service in Getting Started, you can use the Barracuda Web Security Service Connector Quick Start Guide to set up the appliance. For more details about using the appliance, see Using the Barracuda Web Security Service Connector.



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