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Barracuda Web Security Service

How do I submit a web site to be categorized or re-categorized for Barracuda Web Security Flex?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 3 years ago

Solution #00005952


This solution applies to the Barracuda Web Security Flex and Web Filter.
Occasionally, a web site may be categorized incorrectly or not categorized at all. Multiple tools are used to analyze sites, including automated analysis tools and manual site fingerprinting. Barracuda Networks has a team exclusively dedicated to reviewing and categorizing web sites for content filtering. These definitions can at times have concerns with a single site and may not show with one of our other services. A definition could be bad for a single site only for our cloud service so we may need to also verify this for our appliance customers.
There are multiple ways to submit a site for re-classification of a domain depending on your product or service used.
1.     For customers using our WSS Flex service in the cloud only.
Please submit your categorization requests through our website with the following steps.
B.     Click Web site Category Submission
C.    Enter the URL for re-categorization
D.    Choose the correct category from the drop-box
E.     Enter the CAPTCHA and click Submit
F.     Also see step 3 below
2.     For customers with a Barracuda Web Filter.
Please submit your classification requests via the WEB filter once logged in.
A.      If the issue just happened, You could try reverting the definition for spyware classification to see if it is working, then disable update until newer definitions have been updated within the time frame of 72 hours, then re-enable update for definitions.
B.     Navigate to the Block/Accept > Content Filtering page of the Barracuda's web interface.
C.    Scroll to the bottom of the page to Content Filter Lookup.
D.    For single-site submissions, first enter the URL in the provided field and click Lookup. Select a category from the drop-down menu and click Submit.\
E.     For submission of multiple sites at once, click Bulk Submission and follow the instructions in the pop-up window. Click Submit to Barracuda Central when done.
F.     Clicking Submit sends an email to Barracuda Central’s Security Analysis team, who will review the submission and process the request within 72 hours. Please ensure that Category Definition Updates are set to be automatically updated on the Advanced>Energize Updates page.
3.     For any customer with a portal account and using our community forums.
A.     You may Post a concern via the forums here https://community.barracudanetworks.com/forums.php?url=
B.      Login and create a post for assistance in the forums.
C.      Add the information seen in your web log as to the (date/ Destination / details/ reason) for the blocked request seen.
D.      Add your current definition versions from your Advanced Tab> Energize Updates page if you have a web filter.
E.       Add the Domain / URL you are trying to reach if different than the problem site seen in the web log output. If it has passed from your web log, you can reproduce or call support for further assistance.
F.       Also note Step 2A above for Web filter users and reverting a Web filter Definition to test with again.
4.     When calling into support directly for any customers.
A.     Please submit time and date / Site domain/ URL / of the concern seen for technicians to review the logs.
B.     Open a tunnel for accessing and in case the need to find any more data, after your call has ended.
C.    The technician may finish up the case and further verification may be done by the customer to follow up on the concerns if continuing beyond 72 hours.
D.    Technicians will need to follow internal notes/ procedures to gather data at the specified time, for best practice of helping to clear up any concern for customers seeing any wrong classifications.
Your request will be entered into a pool of requests from all our products, which are processed in the order in which they are received.
The submitted request will be reviewed by the development team and generally may be updated within a few hours if no site issues, while some site issues may take up to 72 hours to have a request processed.
If a site is still compromised, it will not be changed until the site owner cleans the issue.
If, after 72 hours, your domain has not been reclassified, please contact Barracuda Support for your request status.
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