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Barracuda Web Security Service

How do I sync local WSA settings after making changes via the Centralized Management for a WSA profile in Barracuda Web Security Flex?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution #00006110

Barracuda Web Security Flex, All firmware versions

NOTE: WSA is not possible to SYNC via command line at this time

However,these steps will sync the WSA after the profile information has been changed: 

1. If centralized management is enabled (available on the upper right hand corner of Configuration - Web Security Agent tab within the Flex service.)

2. After booting or a post installation reboot.

3. User logs out and back in to their account, as with a screen lock also.

4. The P.C. wakes from sleep and the network wakes also to reconnect.

5. The WSA establishes a new network connection (unplug Ethernet cable used and reconnect / disable Wireless and re-enable).

6. Customer manually syncs via - c:\program files\barracuda\web security agent\wsaconfiguration.exe, or path used by admin install, and then select Tools -> Sync settings to manually sync the WSA, password may be required if set.

7. User has available Icon in System Tray to right click and choose to sync manually, if a full silent install wasn’t performed.

8. Restarting the wsamonitor.exe


Additional Notes: 

Do not use IPv6 as this will cause failure to see traffic to log and filter.

Also Do not use 8443 anymore for Flex service proxy port, use only 8080 at this time, this was an optional port in use previously and be problematic at times.

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