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Barracuda Content Shield

How to Configure a Local DNS Server to Forward to Barracuda DNS Nameservers

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This article provides instruction to configure a local DNS server, running Microsoft Windows server 2016, to forward DNS requests to Barracuda DNS nameservers for Barracuda Content Shield clients. You can also set up conditional forwarders for local domains.

Configure the DNS Server to Forward Requests to Barracuda

  1. Log in to your domain controller and open the DNS manager.
  2. Right click on the DNS server and click Properties.
  3. Go to the Forwarders tab and click Edit.
  4. Type in the Barracuda DNS nameserver IP addresses:

    Primary DNS:,

    Secondary DNS:,

    and move them to the top of the table. Click OK.

  5. Click OK.

Setting Up Conditional Forwarders for Local Domains

If there is more than one DNS server, and/or you want to resolve some domains using another DNS server, do the following. Assume, in this example, that the local DNS server IP address we are configuring/editing is

  1. Right click on Conditional Forwarders and select New Conditional Forwarder.
  2. Enter a local domain name in the DNS Domain field, and, in the IP addresses of the master servers table, enter other local DNS IP addresses where domains are resolved and click OK.

After configuring these above steps, configure the primary DNS IP address as on the client machine. All local requests should be resolved by the conditional forwarder DNS and other requests should be sent to the Barracuda DNS nameserver.