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Barracuda Content Shield

Accounts Page Summary

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From the ACCOUNTS page, the MSP can view the following:

  • Subscriptions – Shows, for this account:
    • Subscription Type
    • Total licenses
    • Expiration date
  • Agents – Shows number of agents deployed and number that are inactive.
  • Support Access – Setting to ON enables Barracuda Networks Support to log into your SMB Barracuda Content Shield accounts to troubleshoot any issues. Logins and any configuration changes Barracuda Networks Support make are then listed  in the Audit Log.

    • For MSPs: Displays on the ACCOUNTS page. Setting to ON means that this feature is enabled for all SMB accounts. Setting to OFF means that Barracuda Networks Support can ONLY log into SMB accounts where this feature is enabled on the ACCOUNT SETTINGS page.
    • For SMBs: Displays on the ACCOUNT SETTINGS page. If the MSP has set this feature to ON on the ACCOUNTS page, or if the SMB has a login and sets this feature to ON, it enables Barracuda Networks Support to log into that Barracuda Content Shield account to troubleshoot any issues. Setting to OFF means that Barracuda Networks Support cannot log into that account. Also note that, if this feature is set to OFF for one SMB account, that triggers turning the feature to OFF on the MSP ACCOUNTS page.

  • Accounts – List of accounts, by name, with associated:
    • Threats Detected
    • Threats in Quarantine
    • Licenses Purchased – Total number of user licenses purchased.
    • Licenses Used – Total number of users detected on the system.
  • Click Manage to view and edit account individually.

From the global navigation menu at the top of the page:

  • Audit Log lists every login and every configuration change made for an account by an administrator.
  • Overview summarizes top blocked accounts and threat statistics.