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Barracuda Content Shield

Account Settings

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Use this page to configure the following for each account:

  • Customize branding for your PDF reports and 'block pages' displayed to end users.
  • Configure manual or automatic updates for Barracuda Content Shield Suite installed on endpoint machines.
  • Enable or disable Support Access, a feature that allows Barracuda Support to log in for troubleshooting service issues.

Custom Branding

  • Logos can be formatted in .JPG, .JPEG, .JPE, .GIF, .BMP, or .SVG
  • Logos are constrained to a maximum height of 240px, and widths are constrained to a maximum of 240px.
  • File size must not exceed 100K.

Click Select File for a popup where you can drag a logo file or click Select to browse your local network or drive for a file. Click Upload.


This feature enables the administrator to choose to either apply the update on endpoint machines at a specific time, to apply them manually, or to apply them on reboot of the machine. Updates are applied silently in the background.

In the Updates section of the page, click Apply Agent Updates to select how you want to apply updates to the Barracuda Content Shield Suite on endpoint machines:

  • Manually
  • Automatically When Devices Reboot
  • Automatically at a Specific Time – When you select this option, additional fields are presented for specifying the time at which agent updates will be initiated. The selection will apply to the local device time zone. 

Agent Settings

This section applies to the Barracuda Content Shield agent, if you have it deployed on endpoint machines. 
  • Allow Agent Removal: The Tamper Proof feature prevents the user from removing the BCS agent from the endpoint. However, by setting this option to ON, you can bypass the Tamper Proof feature. This requires creating a Agent Password, which must be used when uninstalling the agent at the endpoint.
  • Max CPU Usage: Configure the maximum CPU resource you want to allow the BCS agent to use on the endpoint

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