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Barracuda Content Shield


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If you would like Barracuda Networks Support to help troubleshoot any issues with your service or the Barracuda Content Shield Suite, you can enable the Support Access feature on the Account Settings page so that Barracuda Networks Support engineers can log in. See Support Tools for Barracuda Content Shield for details.

Connection or Other Issues With the Barracuda Content Shield Suite

Use the Support Logs feature to collect and send logged activity information from an endpoint machine to Barracuda Networks Support if needed.

  1. Open a Command window as admin and go to the directory C:\ProgramData\Barracuda\Content Shield\Support.
  2. Run the BCSCollectInfo.bat batch file. When the batch file runs, it will display something like this:
    "Do you want to run software from this untrusted publisher?
    File C:\ProgramData\Barracuda\Content Shield\BCSSupportToolv1\utils\bcs_support.ps1 is published by CN=Barracuda
    Networks Inc., O=Barracuda Networks Inc., L=Campbell, S=California, C=US and is not trusted on your system. Only run
    scripts from trusted publishers.
    [V] Never run [D] Do not run [R] Run once [A] Always run [?] Help (default is "D"):"
  3. Press R or A and the script will continue to run.

Output of the script is the Support-[timestamp].zip file in C:\ProgramData\Barracuda\Content Shield\Support folder.  A copy of this file is uploaded to Barracuda internal server for Support purposes.
The script also creates the Support-[timestamp].log file in C:\ProgramData\Barracuda\Content Shield\Support folder\logs, which includes:

    • record of when the script began executing
    • what the script accomplished
    • when the script finished
    • whether or not an archive was created and uploaded successfully to the cloud
    • success/fail of the script execution
    • any errors that might arise during execution of script
  • The Support logs batch file/script BCSCollectInfo.bat is standalone and can be run even when the Barracuda Content Shield Suite is not configured/running.
  • Support-[timestamp].zip files are kept for 28 days, and are then deleted.

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