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Barracuda Content Shield

Support Tools for Barracuda Content Shield

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For support issues, you can generate a file of support log information for Barracuda Networks Support to access in the BCS portal. This feature is only available for endpoints running Microsoft Windows.

On the ENDPOINTS page, click the 3 dots (3Dots.png) in the More column for a particular endpoint.


In the Support Tool popup, the GENERATE SUPPORT FILE button is enabled if the endpoint is online.

When you click GENERATE SUPPORT FILE, the timestamp is then displayed and Status will display Generating Files...


  • Last request sent–The date and time of the last web request from the BCS portal to the endpoint.
  • FilenameThe Filename is always the most recent file uploaded.

Note that the popup refreshes every 30 seconds when left open.

Status Logs

The table below shows possible status values. 

Endpoint DisplayDescription
OnlineThe BCS agent is connected.
OfflineThe BCS agent is not connected.
Generating FilesThe command to generate files was received, and the BCS agent is collecting logs on the endpoint.