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Barracuda Content Shield

Barracuda Forensics and DNS Filtering With Barracuda Content Shield

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If your organization uses Barracuda Forensics, use this article to understand how your Barracuda Content Shield DNS Filtering policies might be affected by Barracuda Forensics incident remediations. For more information about Barracuda Forensics, see Understanding Forensics & Incident Response.

You can choose to have Barracuda Forensics trigger DNS filtering exceptions in Barracuda Content Shield when it detects links in emails that were identified as part of an incident. The Barracuda Forensics wizard includes a section where the administrator can choose to block all user web traffic for domains contained in these links as part of incident remediation. For Barracuda Content Shield, this means that new exceptions to block web traffic for these domains will be created for every DNS location configured on the DNS Filtering page.

To see a list of domains identified in links in emails by Barracuda Forensics, see the Incident Summary.

If you do not want Barracuda Forensics to trigger the creation of DNS filtering exceptions to block domains identified in links in emails: When you create a new incident in the Barracuda Forensics wizard, clear the Block all user web traffic for domains contained in links option on the Incident Remediations - Policy Options page.

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