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Barracuda Content Shield

Barracuda Content Shield Suite for Endpoints

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The Barracuda Content Shield (BCS) Suite is an agent that can be installed on endpoint computers to enable the BCS Plus features, including the ability to synchronize existing LDAP users and groups (see LDAP Active Directory and Barracuda Content Shield for details). For Chromebooks, see Barracuda Chromebook Security for BCS. You can download the BCS suite from the DOWNLOADS page and install it on the endpoints.

System Requirements

For endpoint computers that use Firefox, Barracuda Content Shield Suite requires Firefox 68.0 or later. 

The BCS suite for Windows provides two components; either one, or both, can be installed. The Web Filtering Component (WFC) filters and controls web traffic and the Malware Prevention Component (MPC) provides file-based security. If an agent is used inside a network that also has a DNS filtering policy, the WFC policy takes precedence over the DNS network-based policy. The WFC allows for a more granular policy, supporting user- and group-level rules in addition to the global 'Everyone' rule set.

  • Malware Prevention Component (MPC) – Local file risk analysis, checking against known malware signatures to provide an additional layer of Malware Prevention. Note that this component is disabled if you set Malware Prevention to Disabled on the THREAT POLICY page, and is disabled by default. If you enable Malware Prevention, know that the endpoint machine may appear to experience some latency while the MPC scanner performs an initial scan on the endpoint drive(s). With version 2.1 and later, the MPC agent is not installed by default; you must elect to install it (see How to Manage Deployment of the Barracuda Content Shield Suite for Windows). Available for Windows.  Note that the Malware Prevention feature (MPC) was no longer sold as part of BCS Plus after December 21, 2021.
  • Web Filtering Component (WFC) – Content protection for web traffic. Available for macOS and Windows.

With the Syslog feature, you can export log information from your BCS Plus account to your custom logging server. See Syslog Integration with Barracuda Content Shield.

Download, install, and configure the agent for your operating system:

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