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Moving the Local Vault

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At some point, you may need to move the Local Vault. Perhaps the device it currently resides on is running out of room or is being decommissioned. This guide will walk you through the process of moving the Local Vault while preserving the data you have already backed up to it.

Disclaimer Intronis does not support drive swapping. You can move the Local Vault per this process but note that it can exist on only one drive and cannot be rotated in and out with any other drives. The reason for this is because new files and revisions are added to the Local Vault in a cumulative and interdependent manner. If you are swapping drives, you could have the base copies on one drive and the revisions on another. This will create problems when attempting to restore since the software will not be able to find all the pieces of files it is trying to restore.
The Local Vault is not the same as Local Storage. Local Storage is where backup data for Image, Rapid Recovery, and QuickSpin backups is kept. Changing the Local Storage path will invalid previous backups.

Readying the Software

The first step in the process is to stop all running actions. We don't want anything trying to retrieve data from the Local Vault while you are moving it or continuing to write data to the old Local Vault location after it's already been moved.

  1. Open the Backup Monitor by clicking on either the desktop or start menu shortcut.
  2. Go to the Activity tab and then the View Current Activity link in the left-hand pane.
  3. Stop any running jobs, including Async Upload jobs, by clicking on the job and selecting Cancel in the bottom-right. Make sure there is nothing running before moving on.

  4. Double-check to make sure no backup jobs are scheduled to run while you will be moving the Local Vault. You can set your backup sets to manual to guarantee they do not run.

You are now ready to move the Local Vault.

Moving the Local Vault

  1. While still in the Backup Monitor, go to the Preferences tab and scroll down to the Local Vault Folder section. If you do not see it, some job is still running. Repeat the steps from the previous section or restart the Backup Agent service.
  2. Change the path of the Local Vault to its new location and hit Apply.
  3. You should now have a Local Vault folder in the new location. Make sure it has the same name as the old Local Vault. For example, if the old one was called "LocalVault-cda51962e8e22424f2fa5f8426f5cd6a" the new Local Vault should match that.
  4. Copy all of the contents of the old Local Vault folder into the new Local Vault folder.
  5. When everything is copied over, you are done moving the Local Vault and can safely delete the old Local Vault folder.
If you fail to copy over everything from the old Local Vault, you may not be able to restore some of your data
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