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Barracuda MSP Knowledgebase

Deploying the Backup Agent with an RMM Tool

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You can deploy the software through an RMM tool such as Kaseya, Barracuda RMM, or N-able. To do this you will need to download the software installer and use command-line switches. If you have questions about how to use the switches or how to deploy software with your chosen RMM tool, you will need to consult that specific tool's help resources.


Download the installer from the partner portal:

  1. Log into the management portal.
  2. Click on the Downloads tab and select Download Installer.
  3. Click on the Installer link and save the file.

This installer link will always download the most recent build of your software (including any branding that you have set up). If we release an update or you have made any updates to your branding, you will need to download a new installer to have the most up-to-date version deployed. Once you’ve downloaded your installer, you can deploy it by using the following command-line switches through your RMM solution. All parameters are case sensitive. 

/Username=example_userSpecifies the client account username to be used during the setup
/Password=Thi$isAnEx@mpL3Specifies the password to be used during the setup
/ComputerID=0123Gives the subaccount/computer ID to be used during setup
/ManagedKeyIf added, a managed encryption key will be used during the setup
/SilentRuns the installer in silent mode (user interaction not required)
/SuppressMsgBoxesCombined with /Silent, it suppresses setup messages boxes
/VerySilentWill not display any software message boxes or screens unless errors are encountered
This process cannot be used to install the software for those installations using a private encryption key.
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