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Moving the Backup Agent to a New Computer

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If you had a File and Folder backup on the old machine and you are copying those files to the new machine to be backed up, it is imperative you preserve those files' file paths on the new machine (e.g. if the folder you were backing up on the old computer was "C:\Data" that folder will need to have the path "C:\Data" on the new computer). If the file paths for the files on the new machine differ from those on the old machine, the backup software will see those as new files and back them up in full.


  1. Uninstall the Backup Agent on the old machine.
  2. Install the Backup Agent on the new machine, choosing the option for Move Account to This Computer during setup.
  3. Copy all subfolders except the "0" folder from the "Logs" folder in the old installation to the new "Logs" folder
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