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Plugin Has Canceled the Backup or Restore

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A backup, restore, or delete action cancels out immediately or after a period of time and presents a message similar to:

A plugin canceled the backup for: ___

This error indicates that the backup was canceled. In most cases, this was caused by a manual cancelation from either the portal or the local software.


There are several reasons why a backup, restore, or delete action may cancel. If a job is canceled manually, either in the portal or the Backup Monitor, this will cause the error shown above. Also, whenever a job runs, there are several checks done before the job can start; if any of these checks fail or do not complete, the job will cancel.


Run a Test Connection

The same checks which may cancel a backup or restore are performed during a test connection. If the test connection fails, the specific step it fails on will help you narrow the possible reasons for cancelation:

If the test connection is successful, you will need to check the Backup Agent's logs for more clues.

Checking Logs

Sometimes the message of the cancelation is preceded by an error indicating what check failed or why the plugin was forced to cancel the job. You can see the logs for the canceled job using these instructions. If you do see a preceding error, troubleshoot that to fix the cancelation issue.

If there are no errors before the cancelation and no indication that anything has gone wrong besides the cancelation, it is likely the cancelation was manual.

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