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Initial Seed/Restore Drive

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About Initial Seed

Initial seeds are designed for the purpose of moving lots of backup data to the cloud when a client's internet bandwidth is lacking.   When judging whether or not to use an initial seed, keep in mind that an initial seed is not always the fastest method for uploading data.  This article will describe the conditions in which using an initial seed is best.

Performing an Initial Seed

If you have determined an initial seed is necessary for one or more of you clients' machines, follow these steps to perform an initial seed.

Initial Seed Drive Form

When shipping an initial seed drive, you need to include the initial seed drive form to ensure the drive is properly processed and returned.  Pick the appropriate form below and, upon completion, email the form to

Requesting a Restore Drive

If you need to restore a large amount of data from the cloud but your client's internet connection is limiting the speed of the restore significantly, you can request a restore drive from Intronis.  This drive will have all the backup data belonging to a computer account, allowing you to restore without downloading the data first.  This article will tell you how to request a restore drive.

Restoring from a Restore Drive

When you have received a restore drive from Intronis, restoring from that drive is a different process than a normal restore.  When going through the restore wizard, you will need to choose the option to "Restore from a secondary catalog" in order to tell the Backup Agent to pull files from the drive rather than downloading them from the cloud.

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