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Requesting a Restore Drive

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In instances where using a client's internet connection to perform a restore would take too long, you can request to have us ship you a hard drive – called a restore drive – with your client's encrypted data for a faster restore. Once you have the restore drive, the Backup Agent will extract the data from the restore drive rather than downloading it from the cloud. This article will give you more information about restore drives and how to request one if needed.

Time to Receive a Restore Drive

The time at which we receive the request along with the size of backed up data will determine the time table. For the quickest processing of a drive, we ask for the earliest notice possible. Requests received by 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time will have the best chance of being processed and shipped in the timeliest fashion. Processing of your drive request may take up to 24 hours or longer depending on the size of the account that needs to be restored.

Shipping the Restore Drive

Before we ship the drive we request a credit card to charge for the restore drive and shipping as well as an address to which the restore drive should be sent. If you are set to bill by check, we can add the credit card and only charge it for the drive service.

Before we ship the drive to you, we will send you an email with the restore drive's UPS tracking number.

Requesting a Restore Drive

Circumstances Appropriate for a Restore Drive

When considering to use a restore drive, please keep in mind it takes time to create a restore drive and to have the restore drive shipped which, under some circumstances, may make it faster to restore your data normally than it would if you used a restore drive. Generally, if your client's download bandwidth (Mbps) compared to the amount of data they want to restore (GB) has a ratio greater than 1:25, a restore drive will not result in an appreciably shorter restore.

Download BandwidthSize of Data Being Restored
< 5 Mbps> 100 GB
< 25 Mbps> 500 GB
< 50 Mbps> 1 TB
< 100 Mbps> 2 TB
Ordering a Restore Drive

You can order a restore drive by contacting Partner Support

When placing your order, make sure you specify which client account and computer ID you want a restore drive for. After ordering, Support may have you double-check the shipping address and method and ask you to approve the cost of the restore drive service – when this is completed, the restore drive will start processing and you will be notified of when it ships.

Returning a Restore Drive

When you have restored what you need from a restore drive, ship the drive and any attachments to the following address:

Partner Support
Barracuda Networks MSP
100 Apollo Drive, Suite 205
Chelmsford, MA 01824