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Sending Your Customers Alert Notification Emails

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Some of your customers may wish to receive alerts at the same time as you do, which is easy to configure using RMM by creating a customer user account in Service Center:

  1. Log in to Service Center as an Administrator and browse to Configuration - User Management - Users, and click Create User.
    The Create New User webpage dialogue opens.
  2. Create a User Name, fill out the personal information for the user, add and confirm the password. Enter the user's preferred address in the Email field. This is the address to which alerts are sent.
  3. Click Create.
  4. When prompted, choose to configure the account now.
    The User Configuration dialogue opens.
  5. Switch to the Roles tab, click Add Role, select Customer.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Switch to the Object Access tab, click Add, and select Site.
  8. Click OK. Choose the customer's Site and click OK.

The customer is now configured with the Customer role for their Site and is able to login to Service Center and create trouble tickets. Next, you must configure the Customer role to receive alert notifications next.

  1. Browse to Configuration - User Management - Roles, and click Customer.
    The Role Configuration dialogue opens.
  2. Switch to the Permissions tab and check Receive Alert Notifications.
  3. Click Save.

These steps will cause all Customer users who have object access defined to receive alert emails related to the assigned objects. You can create a Role that only has the Receive Alerts Notifications permission and add this to appropriate customer accounts if you wish to have distinct behavior for some of your customers.