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Uninstalling Advanced Software Management

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Advanced Software Management (ASM) is Barracuda RMM's Third-Party patching tool that utilizes the Ivanti to stream patches to applications on end devices. In order to do this, a nano-service is installed called MW.ASM.NanoserviceHost. To remove this from your end devices, do the following:

  • In Service Center, do one of the following:
    • Pull the ASM policy from the associated Service Plan.
      • Select Configuration.
      • Select Services.
      • Select the ASM Policy.
      • Select Remove.
      • Click Save.
    • Exclude the devices from the ASM policy.
      • Select Configuration.
      • Select Policies.
      • Select Advanced Software Management.
      • Select the policy in question.
      • Select Excluded Devices.
      • Add the devices.
      • Click Close.

Like any policy change, this is not necessarily instant but rather can take time. Please allow at least 30 minutes for each site to issue the commands. These steps ill uninstall the nano-service and kick off a "kill" command to the Ivanti servers which then rejects the license for their service.

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