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Adjusting the Automation Calendar Summary View threshold

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In MW 12 SP1, a new summary bubble was introduced to the automation calendar which will group tasks into a single bubble on the weekly view when there are more than 5 tasks in a 1-hour slot.

To adjust the threshold in a case where a partner wants to lower it, or never see the summary view at all by raising it to 999, you can run the following query on the SCData database

use SCData_Default;
-- set the desired threshold value (default value = 5)
declare @AutomationCalendar_SummaryViewThreshold int = 5

update Configuration
set ConfigurationValue=@AutomationCalendar_SummaryViewThreshold
where ConfigurationKey='AutomationCalendar_SummaryViewThreshold'
insert into Configuration(ConfigurationKey, ConfigurationValue)
values('AutomationCalendar_SummaryViewThreshold', @AutomationCalendar_SummaryViewThreshold)






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